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The apartment across the street got broken into today. Eric said that the police actually came over and knocked on our door to see if we’d seen anything. It was that freaking close. I’ve seen so many posts on the blog’o sphere about people’s home being broken into. Why do people do this?

There are no childhood videos of my hubby because his house was broken into when he was a kid and they took the video camera with the tape in it. When we lived in Waco, my $50 or so Tarjay bike was stolen off of the front porch–the left the lock. I’d honestly have given it to anyone with need. But the fact that someone took it made me feel awful. Violated. I hope this stealing spree ends soon.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking in…”

  1. It makes me sad when people steal because I’d happily give them what they want if they asked for it. I’m not attached to (most) material things but HATE being taken advantage of.
    I hope this person is able to straighten things out and eventually give back to the community in repentance.

  2. Hi Katy, I’m sorry to hear this happened. I know what you are feeling. The people who do this are not thinking about the effects this has on someone. Stealing a bike or jewelery – it’s not just the stuff it’s a violation of someone’s safe place – their home. I was so scared after it happened to us, it’s taken me months to fully recover and even now I still look out the window every now and then thinking it might happen again.

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