Book Club Snafu

Did I mention I started a Book Club this summer? Our first read was Bread and Wine. It was well loved. A collection of essays and accompanying recipes.  As a group we enjoyed the blueberry crumble recipe.

Well, we decided to put the second book up for decision and went with one that was also currently in theaters. The previews made it sound like a funny, light-hearted, funny book. After reading 3 chapters, I was all shades of red and completely embarrassed to have endorsed such a book for light reading. It is one thing to read it yourself, but to suggest that several other women purchase and read a book for light discussion that is littered with what I’d consider X-rated material and um, yeah.

Thank goodness I caught it, ‘fessed up to my ignorance and was able to select an alternative very light-hearted read. We’re now working through Where’d You Go, Bernadette? This is decidely PG, and laugh out loud funny. Much, much, much better.


Have you read anything lately you could recommend for future months? I’m now pre-reading books, because, well, I am trying to learn from my mistakes. Oye!

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