I pulled out three different projects and was not interested in any of them. One was Eric’s shorts, one was a simple short, short sleeved shirt, and the last was a Vogue dress. Both Eric’s shorts and the dress are Vogue, so they are a little more complicated. That and the first thing I needed to do on the dress is press some darts. Well, that means getting my ironing board out, then my iron. Setting it up, sweating a good deal–I always get hot when I sew. I’m not sure why. So I passed. Then the shirt is okay, but I cut it out last summer. It is even serged. The problem is it needs two tiny pieces of interfacing which also require the iron. Did I mention Sake runs and hides for a long time whenever I get the iron out? She hates the noise of the board going up. Scotch didn’t cooperate either. He laid on the directions.
So, I organized some of the vintage patterns I purchased. The lady said there were 800, I haven’t counted, but there are a lot! I’m hoping to sell them slowly on etsy eventually. But that’s not a super-huge priority. There are several people I’d like to share these jewels with first.
I love this simple shirt. This pattern’s copyright date is 1953. One of my parents is younger than that, one is older. So this pattern is ancient! Just teasing!
I bought several pieces of material when I was in NYC in July. For some reason, I keep telling myself I have to finish the things I started first, then use the new material. I think that rule is going out the window. I bought a nice blue and white silk shirting that I’m thinking might work well for this.
I love the one with the the 3/4 length sleeves. I pulled out the pieces to see what they look like. It is amazing to see how much patterns have changed in the past 54 years! Can you believe this pattern is that old? That’s amazing. It is like touching history. The hubby thinks this style is super-contemporary for 1953.
First the instructions are short.
Next the pattern pieces have no printing. They have cut outs labeling them and showing the seam allowance!
I’m thinking this may be a bit ambitious for my first sewing project back in a while. So, I may continue to fiddle with what I already have started. Time will tell. How do you get going when you get “stuck?”
*Disregard the watermarks on the images. The hubby edited them with a trial software. Once we realized they were watermarked, it was too late to worry about it.

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  1. It’s so interesting how fashion from other decades comes back. To see 3/4 sleeves is quite interesting. When I was in high school, bell bottoms came back in style for a while, then petal pushers. What are the Fall ’07 fashion trends that are remniscent of past decades?

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