Back to School

I love August and Back to School. I’m not heading back, and neither is my little, but we are definitely going full steam. To keep on top of all of our playdates and other appointments, I picked up a cheap-o (under $5) planner and decided to embellish it to make it a little more special.

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade cheap paper, but I did my best to make it my own.

I wrapped the monthly calendar pages with washi tape to help me flip to them faster.

I decorated the cover with a white oil-based Sharpie pen that I learned about through the ever innovating and creatively inspiring Alisa Burke.

Real Life Moment: There is a reason that you are supposed to recap the pen while you shake it. Thankfully, I caught the several blobs of ink while they were still wet and managed to wipe them off my computer and other targets with baby wipes before they did permanent coloring changes. Oops!

Here are some images.

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