My mom came to visit last weekend. She only decided to make the trip a week before. I love having my mama around, but I was a bit bummed because it meant I’d only get a week’s worth of anticipation for my her visit. I’m learning that as much as I love special events, trips, visits, etc. The anticipation of an event and preparation for an event are equally, if not more enjoyable. Am I alone in that?

My birthday was Tuesday (and Eric’s 9 year cancerversary–next year the celebration will be insane)! Nothing was planned, except a visit to the dentist (fun!), and it was low-key and totally fine, but definitely less exciting because there wasn’t a “thing” to anticipate.

Am I missing out by embracing the anticipation? Perhaps if I re-frame events (like grocery shopping) and anticipate the excitement of trying a new recipe or enjoying a seasonal fruit (pomegranates anyone?) I can make even those drudgery tasks enjoyable.

Or maybe I make things out to be more exciting in the anticipation than they really are?

Thanks for coming along with this random ride through my stream of consciousness.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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