Adventures in Dyeing: Part Two

Well, after much trepidation, I dyed the fabric. I started with the “less precious” (read expensive!) cotton. I dumped the dye in a container and measured out half to use for my small piece of cotton and the other half for my silks. I used a kitchen scale. To the cotton, I added 1/2 cup (half the amount for the packet size) salt. After the dyeing, I set it to the side to dye the silks. To the silks I added 1/6 cup vinegar.

Nothing was difficult, but it was a bit time intensive (lots of timers set to stay on schedule, etc.) and if you have small kiddos, I wouldn’t recommend it without other parental help around just in case.

I put them in the washer to agitate adjusting the cycle a few times to hit the 50-60 minute sweet spot suggested on the package.

Here are the results!

I wasn’t too sure when I started the cotton, so it may have not been agitated for the recommended 50-60 minutes. It came out a bit lighter green than I wanted. So I was super careful to watch the washer for the silks. They agitated for 60 minutes and I still wanted them darker, so I left them in the water (and added the wet cotton) for another hour or so (not agitated), then finished the wash. After the dyeing I ran both fabrics through the wash with detergent and hung them to dry. They aren’t as dark as I was hoping for, but lovely. Now what to make!

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