A Return to Sewing

So about the sewing/creating/pattern-making I love so much. Not much has been going on lately. My time has been filled with my month of celebrations for Eric’s 5 year post-diagnosis. I walked a half marathon on Oct. 3. Last Saturday we cheered on the Fall Team in Training team at their practice triathlon, and I ran 5 miles while cheering on the participants. This Sunday I am doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! Yahoo! Nothing is planned for the rest of the month–but I’m sure I think of something.

My To Do’s for today include working on fitting a pant pattern I got for my birthday last year and hanging out over dinner with a friend. She even had to get a baby-sitter for the occasion, so I feel super special! Notice my two Big Kahuna necklaces–a lei and some shells and my scary-looking tiki charm decorating my space.


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