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I started working on sewing the skirt after school today. It was an emotional day at school. I didn’t know long division could cause so many tears. But the kiddos persevered and they are so excited that they can now divide. Hopefully they realize how much learning their multiplication tables will help them with math and they will work on those too!

After three hours of sewing, I’m done! I’m not thrilled with parts of the waistband, and think I will need to readjust the hook and eye on the waistband (for a third time), and hem it. I’m close enough that I’m calling it done. I didn’t think it would take me three hours of sewing. Though the last hour was spent hand stitching the waistband on and sewing the hook and eye.


I relied on this textbook from school for help inserting the lapped zipper. I’ve never sewn one in the way they showed, but it worked absolutely beautifly.

Here’s the cutest part–the back pleat.


I also really like the front pockets. (Don’t look at how far off the side seam and waistband side seam are…)


Now off to work on drafting the “white” top!

I suppose that I must mention a few more things. I stupidly bought denim with some stretch, so the skirt is a bit big. Scotch “helped” way too much. I need to figure out a way to keep him off the sewing table. Let me know if you have an idea. I can’t shut the door because their litter box is in the closet in my studio. Maybe we need to find a new place for that.


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