Check out what Albuquerque Fashion Incubator is up to. It is very awesome. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from attending this one, but wow! What a cool opportunity.

If you like the Pattern Magic books, I heartily recommend Zero Waste Fashion Design by Holly McQuillan and Timo Rissanen. I was lucky enough to hear Holly speak this week and it is very interesting ideas. I hope to try my hand at it when I make studio time this coming week.



May your day be full of patriotism, friends and family, food, and giggles.


Messy Motherhood

Truths I’ve learned almost two and a half years in.

  • The people that told me the days were long, but the years were short, were not actually full of it.
  • For me, there is a sense of peace in solidarity. Just about everything my kiddo has done good or bad has been done before and people survived.
  • I will in fact get sleep, at some point.
  • The amount of help I get from my community is astounding and totally appreciated.
  • If I get comfortable, things are sure to change. Embrace the change, that’s where I’ve seen my strengths pop out and I’ve learned the most from my kiddo.
  • Be funny. It is so much more enjoyable than being stressed.
  • Seasons come and go. Appreciate the one you are in because you will have much different experiences in the next one.
  • Kiddo puke is gross. Milk puke is the worst. It still is funny, but probably only after the fact.
  • Trust your mama gut. Even if you take your kid to the doctor to be told he has a cold. For him, it may be the worst/longest/most pathetic illness ever. Full of coughing until milk puke multiple times a day. Which is funny, but only after the fact.
  • Don’t be proud, accept help.

What about you, what new truths have you learned lately?




The kitties are still very much a part of our lives. They manage to hide themselves during junior’s waking hours and “magically” appear at nap or bed times. They demand lots of extra attention too–and get it!


I thought I’d share some random thoughts and musings:

  • I sneeze if I chew peppermint gum. Just once right away.
  • I sneeze if I eat dark chocolate. Again, just once right away.
  • When nap time hits, I generally rush to put my feet up and enjoying an iced beverage: soda, iced tea, iced coffee, water. It has become a ritual.
  • Since I got a retainer in February, I misplace it at least once a day, but so far haven’t lost it for good.

Happy Weekend!

Every now and again I am able to schedule a sewing day complete with a bit of childcare. The creative break does me good. Here’s a top I made on one day. The fabric was “run” so I got it for free. I was able to cut the sleeves with the “run” down them and the shirt didn’t have any mars. A cute, pretty quick top (I just eyeballed/drafted a pattern) is what I’d call a successful day!

I got a few great wears out of the top, then the fabric grew and/or I shrank, so I passed it on to someone else to enjoy.

Eric is the least picky guy I know. His mom jokes, he’d be happy living in a cardboard box, and I totally agree. However, he’s inherited a few shirts from here or there that just never get worn. I’ve been able to cut them up, sew them back together in the style of Alabama Chanin and they quickly end up in the favorite rotation.


One of the many very fun things about motherhood is instilling life lessons. Here’s our little man learning an important one.

All kidding aside, sometimes it feels like there are so many more parenting fails than wins. One recent win is teaching our kiddo that if it doesn’t work out the first time, we can always try again. It is so awesome to here him say that in his toddler voice and see his perseverance instead of object frustration.

I’m fascinated by how people motivate themselves to get things done. I love reading productivity books or blogs like, Getting Things Done,, or Seth Godin. But I often find what works so well for others, really, really doesn’t work at all for me. Sometimes, I’m just not in the right headspace, or sometimes I have other things to focus on, or sometimes things aren’t all that motivating for me.

One thing that works for me is star stickers. Those cheap stickers sold in office supply stores. I have to keep them hidden or they end up pilfered by my kiddo. Those stickers are amazing motivators when I am trying to get workouts in. I don’t even consider them when I am working out, but the satisfaction of putting them on my calendar after the fact is almost palpable.

It started when I was training for my first marathon with Team in Training in 2006. And since then I’ve stickered every training calendar. This summer, I started stickering my calendar. Sometimes I’m amazed at the silly things that just work. I’m happy to say the baby weight is finally off and quite a bit more on top of that! Sweet! I’ll take it.




Also, Go Giants!!

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