Going Green

You know those toddler or baby shirts that read, “I’m why we can’t have nice things?” I need one for my cats. I have been wanting some plants inside for a long while now, but one of my cats insists on eating things. And certain plants ingested by kitties can be really dangerous.

Thankfully, Scotch has grown out of his plant-eating phase and I’m thrilled to have more greens inside our home.

These are Pathos, Ivy, and String of Pearls planted in little ikea jars.

They are also in our self-sustaining AquaFarm with our new fish Smaug (he’s a dragon beta fish) and 3 snails. It is pretty cool!


Real Life Moment: Flashback to this cat/plant disaster!

For the first time in a long time, there are not any terrible things going on in our family life. I’m definitely getting my wish for a “boring” life. Yay! I’ll take it.

But man, for me, having a kid throws everything off. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to bits. But prior to kiddom, I had a fairly reliable method for planning and executing things pretty well. Now, naptime comes and all I want to do is nap too. Or if I’m being totally transparent zone out on Pinterest or Instagram. And then, bedtime comes and I know I have to get my own bum to bed or I’ll be hurting in the morning when the monkey decides 4am is the time to be up for the day. He’s slowly learning to play by himself for longer stretches, but really when he’s awake, I want to play with him too!

Add to that work and weekends full of hubby work and well, I am realizing that I don’t have that much extra time. I suppose I could sacrifice more sleep, but that is pretty non-negotiable, when it can be helped.

I have been sketching and scheming, and writing and being silly, and relaxing and snoozing too. But in shorter bursts and with longer breaks between. Being my own worst critic, I feel like I should be doing more, but on those rare chances I blow through my to do list I really don’t feel any more accomplished. I guess that is part of growing up and learning by living. Interesting.

I chuckle now when I think of the early 20s version of myself. I thought I was pretty damn mature. I’m learning maturity happens with time and life experience, and can’t really be sped up too much.

Slightly related, a friend shared this and it really resonated with Eric and I. We can totally apply it to ourselves and possibly the little man in the future.

Have your routines shifted lately?


I’ve been back on the coffee bandwagon lately. Usually decaf and over ice. My husband noticed and found this great gadget for our anniversary. Happy 10 Years, honey!

It is a vacuum coffee maker.

Here are some shots of the process. There were a few extra steps to prep as this was our first time using the machine.

Here’s a video of the brewing. This is a similar machine, but not mine. My video was terribly shaky and didn’t want to cooperate in the uploading process. Cool, hun? And the coffee tastes great too!

How do you like your coffee? Or are you more of a tea person?

Real Life Moment: I am known to make a half a pot of coffee and drink out of it for the next few days until I drink it all instead of brewing fresh each day. Clearly, I’m not a coffee snob.

I love August and Back to School. I’m not heading back, and neither is my little, but we are definitely going full steam. To keep on top of all of our playdates and other appointments, I picked up a cheap-o (under $5) planner and decided to embellish it to make it a little more special.

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade cheap paper, but I did my best to make it my own.

I wrapped the monthly calendar pages with washi tape to help me flip to them faster.

I decorated the cover with a white oil-based Sharpie pen that I learned about through the ever innovating and creatively inspiring Alisa Burke.

Real Life Moment: There is a reason that you are supposed to recap the pen while you shake it. Thankfully, I caught the several blobs of ink while they were still wet and managed to wipe them off my computer and other targets with baby wipes before they did permanent coloring changes. Oops!

Here are some images.

When we found out we were expecting a kiddo, one of our first gifts was an amazing jogging stroller–a BOB! I had lots of preconceived notions of walking a mile and a half to the coffee shop while on maternity leave with junior. Ha! Little did I know how difficult I’d find the transition to mama-hood, let alone consider the logistics involved in a 3 mile round trip walk with a hungry, poopy, peey, little man.

Thankfully, the stroller is still working out great, though our not-so-little guy just topped 36 inches and he isn’t even two yet!

This summer I’ve been able to get in a groove and we now manage to go for a jog/lope twice a week or so. I’m surprised how much my little man loves it. We go first thing when he gets up. Once “the sun is up,” of course. I tuck him into the stroller with a water bottle (I keep an extra under the stroller because this kid can drink two so quickly), a snack–usually Annie’s bunnies, one or two of his hand knitted bunny lovies, and his hand knit blanket. I show up with a water bottle of my own an inexpensive digital watch with a timer I got eons ago.

Off we go.

We don’t make it too far before the commentary starts.


“Yes, honey, there is the park.” I get out between labored breaths.

“Light on” or “Light off,” depending.

He is obsessed with turning our own lights on and off–the ones he can reach anyways. And always remarks about other people’s front lights. He is very demanding that we turn them on and off according to his whims, even though I constantly tell him that every family gets to decide those things for themselves.


Yes, he knows that stop signs are shaped like an octagon and will tell you every time he sees one. On a run, on a walk, in the car, it doesn’t matter. We have Shaun the Train from YouTube to thank for the lesson in shapes.


This was one he busted out last time upon seeing the HOV symbol that also marks bike trails around us. Crazy time.

All the time I’m trying to acknowledge him, run, and push the not so light stroller. It makes for a comedic adventure when my mindset is right and lots of frustrations when my mindset is a bit off.

I have a large hill that I run up and I’ve taught him to say, “Go, go, go,” or “Go, mom, go,” or “Run, mama, run.” I have to chant it out first, but he usually picks up on it quickly and it is so fun to get to the top. We both break out in lots of “Yay’s!”

We say “hi” to the people that pass us, and the cats that survey the neighborhoods from their perches. We point out dogs, and airplanes, and squirrels, and bikes, and fire trucks.

And as long as his blanket stays put and a toe or two, or even a foot doesn’t pop out, he’s pretty content.

Everyone tells me to embrace these moments because they go by quickly and I’m learning they are right and working to relish them.

Here’s a terribly blurry, post-run photo after our third day in a row of finishing our 45-minute runs before 6:30 am!



My little monkey seems to be a bit of a budding artist, which means I get to regularly indulge the both of us with creative endeavors. I think I started this little notebook at the end of last year. The first few entries were just me scribbling in crayon and him watching or adding a few marks here and there.

Then I found this fabulous washi tape on Amazon. It came in a ton of bright colors and the monkey loved unrolling it. After an arm length piece came off, I’d rip it up into more manageable sizes and put it in the notebook. The monkey helped sometimes.

Then we went to a few birthday parties and Trader Joe’s and ended up with a nice assortment of stickers. He picks, I peel them off, and he applies them. Usually one on top of another.

Real Life Moment: My mom sent us some stickers. Included were frogs and turtles. He calls both of the stickers frogs. The turtle ones, however, are frogs with hats. Who am I to argue?

If you give a toddler a camera, you will get some interesting photos.

Evidence here.

I love these shots that include his little toes!

I’m not sure what is happening here, but this may be his first selfie!

Toddler Shots?


Real Life Moment: His shirt reads “It’s my brother’s fault.” There are no more kiddos that we know of currently, but I couldn’t let a good hand me down go to waste.

Coming soon, a new look and new posts. Who knew having kids was so much work? Thanks for hanging in there with me.




I’d like to say I won’t be sorry to see 2013 go. To say that would mean glossing over my first full year of becoming a mama, and that’d be sad.

So instead of rehashing the craziness. Here’s to celebrating the good times in 2013.



After doing my short workout, and prepping lunch, I hear little man starting to stir. So this is a quicky catchup.

Sidenote: This is the best, best, best salad ever. And if you are as obsessed as I am about Pinterest, please follow me so I can follow you. Or just leave your Pinterest name so I can follow you.

I have been sewing lately. This was supposed to be a shirt, but ended up a wadder. I’m not even sure what went wrong. I think fabric choice (vegan pleather I inherited–why do they call it vegan?) and the length was too short. Every top feels too short now apres bebe. So here’s my beautiful mess. Also, most of the pattern for this was created one Sunday morning when hubby was on vacation and took junior to church (one with a nursery!) and I stayed home and played hooky. I somehow feel the need to confess that. :)



I’m working on knitting a pair of sock for giant little man. He’s currently in 2T clothes and 2-4 year socks. Eek! My dad is 6’5″ so God help us all. And by working on, I started them about 2 months ago and haven’t looked at them since. Sigh. The pattern is here. And YouTube videos were super helpful.



Here we are at a late summer cookout. First time at the “Big Kid’s Table.” They had grilled cheese. I swear he hated cheese before this, but is already succumbing to peer pressure! And his first potato chips–a huge hit! He only slid under the table once or twice. Ha! But I was there to catch him.


IMG_0859 IMG_0860



I read Orange Lingerie’s book (now that I’m thinking about, I still have some left to read). If you sew bras, get this book. The most awesome tip for fitting a band is in here. And she’s coming out with a bra pattern soon! So this bra fits better than a lot of my older ones, but after making 5 or 6? bras I still have fit issues. I think part of it is I keep “experimenting” and just need to get a basic fit down and then experiment. Alas..

IMG_0737 IMG_0735 IMG_0734


This is my favorite Fall snack. I’ve made 2 double batches and one single because I didn’t have enough ingredients for a double batch. Yummy. But definitely takes 5x as long to bake as the recipe states.



I made a bedskirt and recovered this chair in the ever-so-popular chevron fabric for the nursery, in January. The chair slipcover was pretty severely lacking, but it works. I added snaps from Snapsource and things are fitting much, much, much better. And using their snap setting tool is a lot of fun and super easy. I highly recommend this if you are doing snaps.

chair cover


Since our little man turned one, a lot of his friends also turned one. So, I sewed a few cute girly clothes. All of his “closest” friends are girls at the moment. Hrm..

Girl Dresses


This lace jumped into my hands at Artistry in Fashion this year. Now, what to do with it. It is cotton with applique on top and from the 1920s. The color is peachy.



And lastly some kitty love. We do lots of block building/destroying so I made a kitty.



And we had our first face painting experience. Besides wanting to grab the paintbrush, he did great!



Got to run.


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